Glucon Pet

Complementary feed in tablets for dogs and cats

Composition per Kg: Lysate brewer’s yeast, Monosodium phosphate, Calcium gluconate, Barley malt extract, Beet sugar (Sucrose), Dextrose, Magnesium stearate. Analytical components: Crude protein 13% – Crude fats 1.5% – Crude fibre 0.3% – Crude ashes 11% – Calcium 3% – Sodium 1.0% – Phosphorus 1.5%. Additives per kg: Vitamins, pro-vitamins and chemically well defined substances having a similar effect: 3a672a Vitamin A 750,000 I.U.– 3a671 Vitamin D3 70,000 I.U. – 3a300 Vitamin C/L-ascorbic acid 10,000 mg. Indications of use: GLUCON PET is a complementary feed that provides calcium in a bioaviable organic form, with phosphorus and vitamins A, C, D, useful for calcium homeostasis. The product is indicated also for growing puppies, and for pregnant and lactating female dogs, to cover the requests demands or to complete the domestic diet.


Instructions for use: suggested daily quantity

Cats and dogs  up to 5 kg:  1/4 tab.
Cats and dogs  from 5 to 10 kg:  1/2 tab.
Dogs  from 10 to 20 kg:  1 tab.
Dogs  from 20 to 30 kg:  1.5 tab.
Dogs  over 30 kg:  2 tab.

The duration of use is 15 days, repetable as needed (tab=tablets).

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